Kayley Insert

Kayley Insert

The Kayley insert stove will transform your open fireplace into an efficient heat source for your home. As it is now well
known that your open fire allows for a lot of heat to escape up the chimney and creates a cold draughts, this insert will
seal away that draught and contain the heat in the room. Our insert with its convection air system takes in the cooler
air in the room through the bottom vents, this rises as it is warmed by the fire in the stove and is pushed back into the
room through vents in the top of the stove. This is a continuous process and provides a very efficient source of heat.

The “ Kayley “ when used properly will dramatically reduce the amount of fuel you burn as compared with an open fire and with its adjustable damper will give you even more control so that you get the very best efficiency from your stove.
Our unique adjustable air wash system built into the door will keep the stove glass cleaner for longer giving you the unspoilt view just like an open fire.



  • Fully manufactured in Ireland.
  • Fits into standard 16 and 18″ fireplaces
  • Multi – fuel grate for wood and smokeless coal
  • Up to 6Kw’s heat output
  • Safe External riddling system
  • Range of colours
  • Removable Ash pan
  • Capable of overnight burning
  • Adjustable damper
  • Convection Air system
  • Easy installation
  • 5″ Flue Outlet

*Although our insert is designed to fit a 16 and 18″ fireplace we can custom make the outer apron to suit much larger openings to suit your needs.


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